OBSESSED! Paper Stars- Sweet nothings Love Note



A sweet way to remind your significant other that you’re thinking about them is to write them little notes and stick them places they’ll find during their day. To make it super special we put a twist onto this version of a Sweet nothing love note! Before you fold these paper stars write notes on them and then decorate them with inside jokes or cute pictures🙂 Check it out!


Forget Me Not’s

The dreaded DIY. It’s “full of love” but made your heart sink. We have all had that one significant other who always “made it themselves” . When it comes to DIY’s there are some things that have been done to death so we’re going to put a new spin on the clichés  and brainstorm some other ideas as well ! Now I’m not knocking the DIY’s, I’m just strongly advising that you keep an eye on this site for weekly DIY gift ideas that won’t make your significant other cringe!

So I’ve compiled a long list of DIY’s and simple nearly free gifts that are affordable and easy to do. And here’s the kicker… People will actually want these gifts!

*All credit goes to the original websites*



1.  Fruit Rollup Fortune Cookies. A great way to seal the sweet deal of destiny.


2. Cook him a meal fit for a king. I know some women are against the entire “I’m a homemaker because I’m a woman”  But really cooking good food for your guy is something they always love! When you’re with the right person cooking a seven course meal is worth it to make him smile. This link outlines the requirements for a 7 course meal.


3. Hide love notes for him to find. This is a link to how to make Tiny origami stars. It takes five minutes to make about 15 of these little guys. Only supplies are paper and scissors. You can color the paper and write notes on the inside of them!


4. Custom Mugs with Sharpie- I like to incorporate some sort of special connection that I have with my guy into every gift so it’s tailored just for him. Putting an inside joke that you both love and laugh about often can be a great decoration for a coffee mug so he can laugh on “good morning Mondays” and head to work/school thinking of you!


5. BALLOONS- What guy doesn’t like a huge surprise? Surprising your guy with tons of balloons in his room (I’m talking fill the room up) would be a bit of a prank I guess so maybe turn it into a challenge? Dare him to affectionately “prank “you back!


6. Breakfast in bed- Wake up up with eggs,  bacon, toast, OJ the Works! And cut the toast like this (follow the link) Then kiss him and ask if he’d like dessert.


7. Go out of your way to look good – Sometimes when life gets hectic we pull on clumpy sweaters, yoga pants and hunter boots. And when it stays hectic for awhile it’s easy to fall into the routine of looking like a mess! Going the extra mile knowing that he will notice your change of attire will be a confidence booster for you and just a whole lot of fun for him. Look nicer than usual and ask him out for dinner at a new place, he’ll be interested and notice that you’ve been hitting the gym too.


1. Use words that match her inner beauty- You tell her she’s sexy but being sexy and beautiful are two very different things. Taking the time to let her know how strong, smart and breathtaking she is takes compliments to an entirely different level. Surprising her by writing some of these quotes (follow the link) on pieces of paper and taping them to the front of her bedroom door or on her walls (somewhere she can see them every day) will make her feel like you really have deep feelings for her.


2. Pay attention.When she tells you what her favorite movie is Remember it. If you both go for coffee- memorize her order.  If she tells you her secrets (even the small things) remember them! All of these things are important, all of them mean something! One day surprise her with her favorite flavor of cupcake (that she mentioned briefly last month) she’ll be blown away!


3.  Rub her feet- Whenever she sits or lays down and feels tired kiss her on the forehead, tell her to relax and then rub her feet. It is the most relaxing de-stress, de-tox, awesomeness I have ever experienced as a woman. If I’m in a nasty mood and am snapping at my guy, he lays me down and rubs my feet. Then I fall asleep. And I wake up happy. Works every time.


4. Take her out dancing- No twerking, grinding or gyration this time. Dress up nice, take her out for dinner and  then attend a swing dance or a ballroom dance. Make her feel like Ginger Rogers. Or schedule a single dance class for you both to take together. Even if you hate to dance she’ll see you making an effort and know that you loved her enough to learn what a box step is.

5. Buy a packet of glow in the dark stars and stick them on her celling spelling out I love you. She won’t notice them until she goes to sleep.

6. An incredibly fluffy blanket for her to sleep with at night. Just surprise her with it one day for no reason at all. she’ll think of you every time she snuggles in bed.

7. One weekend plan to do all the things she loved as a kid.  Flying kites, building forts and watching Disney movies, Eating Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Dancing to 2003 radio Disney hits or  playing with play dough! Try to feel like kids agin, let her feel like a worry free 8 year old. Be her best friend that day. She’ll never forget it!

8. Buy a inflatable  kiddie pool and fill it with fluffy blankets and pillows. Place it outside on a deck or the grass play romantic music,  buy some champagne and finger food . You both can snuggle in the kiddie pool without bugs or dirt! She’ll love the chance to look at the stars with you or watch her favorite film.

27 Things to do when people say you have too much Christmas Spirit

It is December 2nd. So I deserve no grief for this first Christmas Post! Speaking from my own experience here.. these are the tasks I have completed in my lifetime or plan to in the very near very real future when people tell me I have too much Christmas Spirit!

1. Do a christmas jig and finish with a jolly HO HO HO!


2. Watch these movies in the following order to commence childhood nostalgia – Home Alone, Elf, Rouldoph the red nosed reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Frosty returns, Lampoon Christmas, Miracle on 31st street, The year without a santa claus, Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, The polar express, A Charley Brown Christmas, The Grinch ( live-acton and cartoon) and Christmas with the cranks.


3. Do extensive research on the strategic methods of creating the most pristine cup of hot cocoa. Shaken or stirred?

4. Track Santa- http://www.noradsanta.org/404.html

5. Watch people getting puppies for Christmas on youtube.


6. Send real Christmas Cards to your friends. No.. not an E-card. Real paper..

7. Request that Santa send a video message to your friends- http://www.portablenorthpole.com/home

8. Find a revolving door. Again.. and again.. and again… and again.

9. Go Christmas Shopping decked out in holiday gear.. hat, suit the works. Attract attention.

10. Dance with your grandmother to Christmas music in public.


11. Organize or be involved in a Christmas flash mob.- VERY FUN!

12. Strap on those goggles and untangle Christmas lights.


13. Hang lights… lots.of.lights.


14. Gingerbread Mansion.


15. Argue over the origin of snow.


16. Make a Christmas List of 100 things you want.


17. Sing “Feliz Navidad” over and over again in different accents. French, polish, spanish. They all make it special.

18. Make a Family Christmas music video then put it on a CD to keep.

19. Learn to play Christmas tunes on a musical instrument.

20. Sing Christmas Karaoke.


21. Try to make it through an entire round of the ice skating rink without falling down. Then do a dance every time you clear the finish line.


22. Organize a very serious snowball fight with some friends. Wager money or…cookies.

23. Visit santa at a department store and tell him he smells like beef and cheese, not like santa.


24. Watch Eloise at Christmastime. This movie get’s it’s own number because Julie Andrews uses some sort of terribly awful brooklyn/British accent and it’s beautiful.


25. Gather your friends and take your piggy banks to a corner bell jingling santa.. proceed to empty them all out. Try to fill up the bucket so he gets to go home early. Then buy him coffee.

26. Go to a church Christmas Eve if you’re religious. Some traditions never get old.

27. Learn the difference between you’re, your, their, they’re there, to and too… a Christmas present to the entire world!

–All credit goes to the original owners for all video clips.–

OBSESSED- Don’t eat Tom the Turkey..

Happy Thanksgiving! It seems people are already jumping onto the Christmas bandwagon so lets slip this great Thanksgiving OBSESSED post in here before santa catches on.. This thanksgiving marks the first official holiday that threatens the very existence of my vegan-ism. Yes… I am vegan. So no milk, cheese or butter for me this Thanksgiving! If any of you are vegan as well or simply wish to dine a bit lighter this thanksgiving I have compiled a Pinterest board devoted to not only delicious vegan everyday foods but vegan MAC AND CHEESE as well as PUMPKIN PIE and all sorts of goodies that are vegan friendly! And I’m completely obsessed with pinning things so it should be quite lengthy! So go check out my board and get inspired to keep Tom the turkey alive this thanksgiving! 



All you need for this thanksgiving inspired DIY gift is pie crust, filling a fork and lots of love! Too corny? Alright well, honestly these are the easiest and cutest things I’ve ever made before. completly easy and really yummy. Mini pies.. I’m sure your significant other wouldn’t mind a visit from you and your delicious box of treats!

Master The Snail Mail

There are so many people who are lucky enough to always find their significant other right beside them (physically that is) but for the rest of us, our loves are a bit further away! Like me! I’m in a long distance relationship and have been for about a year, and it’s really difficult to feel an intimate connection with him because of our conflicting schedules! Skype is usually less than cooperative as are our cellular devices. So this barrier between us feel huge! Anyone feel me?? So I have been trying to devise a plan to send letters to him to keep him up to date with the deeper happenings of my life. And it’s actually really a great way to talk, little bit of a time lag but really it’s fun! There are so many different ways to send mail other than a typical “letter” so master the snail mail and use this love for less idea to woo your significant other! 

Just a few of my ideas you can ship without a box…

1. A ball, just make sure you have proper postage

2. We’ve always joked about sending ourselves to each other- so a big box and a cardboard cutout of myself 

3. Letter art like the photo below, Just because it’s a paper letter doesn’t mean it has to be plain jane!

4. Care packages with all of his favorite items from his hometown or things to remind him of you like if you wear a perfume he would recognize.

5. SPRINKLES.. just because who wouldn’t want them?! Simply take paper and wrap around then attach proper postage.

6. A piñata… I just shipped my pants.

7. A flip flop… I have no idea why. Accept the challenge I guess lol

8. FOOD. Obvious but it’s always a good “go-to”

9. A good book could be wrapped in paper or a movie that you both could read/watch together as a date or on going “book discussion”? Maybe I’m just a nerd though..

10. 100 Truths- A letter with 100 true things about you what you believe about the world or your relationship. Really an eye opener and refresh for a dull relationship or a way to learn more about someone you thought you knew! 

11. Send a photo like a postcard! Might not be completely safe but you could try it!! Make sure it’s 4×6 though

12. Money- Always a great idea! Cash and a card is always a great thing to receive in the mail!

13.  Water bottle filled with goodies, this is more of a substitute for a box, you can put all sorts of things into it but there are rules to what can be sent and what can’t so be sure to do your research! 

So those are some of my ideas! 

Any other suggestions would be awesome to hear! 








Day Trip

Day Trip

Gather your sanity and take a break with your significant other for the weekend or just a day! A great inexpensive (if you’re smart) way to escape the every day grind. Pack a picnic lunch, plan a schedule or let the city just happen to you. Look at the town or city’s event schedule before you plan your day trip, Chicago has a “Summer of Dance” which is a free event held in millennium park. Look for free fun places to go like libraries, museums, parks, gallery openings, lectures or window shop in fancy down town stores! Keep and open mind and if you get the chance to do something go do it! take some cash and buy him flowers for once, maybe even a nice dessert? The possibilities are endless to loveforless when you’re in the city with your significant other!